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Italy is one of the best places for winter and summer holidays. Why? Because, in Italy you can ski on lot of slopes in winter and in summer you can sunbathing on the beaches and go sightseeing.
In this country, you can go sightseeing a lot of antiquity from the old days. To Italy per annum goes about forty milions tourists. For needs tourism society have built a lot of sites accommodation, restaurants and café.

Venezia is one of the most popular tourist places, because this is a sea town.This town, every year attracts crowds of tourists.
It is famous for Venetian gondolas, the square St. Mark, Venetian carnival and Doge's Palace. In Venice there are no cars only are boats, gondolas and water buses, because there aren't roads.
I've been to Venice twice and I haven't yet visited all of the spowodu large number of monuments and interesting places. Before going to Venice to buy a guidebook to a well-planned tour route. The greatest treasures of the basilica is a golden altar consisting of 250 quarters decorated with precious stone and the famous four horses stolen by the Crusaders in the 1204 years. Near the basilica is the famous cafe Florian. From the top of the old lighthouse - Campanile, can watch the city.

Rome is the capital of Italy and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Each visitor dreams of go sightseeing Rome, because in Rome there are many ancient monuments such as: Colosseum and Pantheon.
Rome has got two metro lines, so you can easily pass from one end of town to another.   
List of monuments and sites worth seeing in Rome:

Colosseum - It is here were held gladiator fights and hunting of wild animals.In 2007, the Coliseum announced on of the new seven world wonders

Circus Maximus - It was the largest and the biggest circus in ancient Rome. Now, it is no longer. 

Pantheon - This is round temple founded by the Emperor Hadrian. Pantheon located on the Field of Mars still attracts crowds of tourists.

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I agree with the author! Italy is the country of adventures! http://skywritingservice.com/blog/new-s … -the-world will open new seven wonders for you!


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